Lymph Therapy

What is the function of the lymphatic system

  • It is responsible for transporting toxins and harmful material out of the body. 
  • It also helps the body fight inflammation and water retention by draining excess fluid from the cells and tissues into the bloodstream
  • It helps to carry proteins to the blood supply
  • It also produces bacteria fighting antibodies
  • It helps to transport fat absorbed from the intestines to the liver
  • It produces white blood cells which are vital for protection against infection

Some symptoms of congested lymphatic system:

Skin problems can be an indication that the kidneys are not able to eliminate sufficient cellular waste. Symptoms of poor lymph drainage may include: acne, dermatitis, cysts, dandruff, eczema, enlarged prostate, boils, psoriasis and polycystic ovaries or kidneys.

Factors that contribute to poor lymph drainage:

  • Not drinking enough good quality water
  • Eating too many acidic foods e.g. processed foods, dairy, fried foods
  • Drinking acidic beverages e.g. coffee, soda, alcohol and sports / energy drinks
  • Other lifestyle factors may include: smoking, stress (work / home), drugs

Poor lymph drainage and breast disease:

  • Wearing underwire bras and sports bras can hamper the flow of lymph to the nodes in and around the armpit area
  • 85% lymph fluid from the breasts drains directly into the nodes in this area
  • Inability for the lymph to drain from breast tissue can lead to developing fibrosystic tissue and possibly even breast cancer

How Electro lymphatic therapy works?

Electro lymphatic therapy (ELT) works by applying an energy field to the surface of the skin. This improves the pressure differential between the blood and the lymph, and allows the energy moving through the tissue to knock electrons off body cells, giving them a negative charge. 

This helps to clear fibrosis in various parts of the body including the uterus and breasts. The fibrin fibres in scar tissue can also be broken up. The immune system benefits from the increased flow of the lymph allowing it to function more effectively. In so doing the immune system is better able to fight the presence of viruses, yeast, and bacteria as well as cancer.

The process assists the body in getting rid of harmful toxins while improving  the flow of nutrients, hormones and other essential substances from the blood into the cells.

Although INSPIRATION Therapy does not cure, it treats problems associated with chronic conditions.

The following are some of the conditions that might be helped by this therapy:

Swelling / Edema and InflammationGlaucoma and eye inflammation
Whiplash and other traumasHearing difficulties and ear problems
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeTemporal-Mandibular disorders(TMJ)
Various Arthritic ConditionsAbscesses of gums
Balance problems related to inner earSore throats
Many back problemsSinus problems
Many types of headachesAdhesions
Muscle aches and painsBreaks up fibrin fibres in scan tissue
Muscle spasmsMany colon issues
Swollen lymph nodesChronic colitis
Congestion in any part of the bodyProstatitis
Pain of all kindsPelvic inflammatory disease
FibromyalgiaObesity and cellulite
ScarsImmune system weakness
Fibrocystic breast diseasePsoriasis and eczema
Cysts of the bodyCellulite reduction
Uterine FibroidsSkin lesions in the head & face
Reducing lymphedema of the armRelieves congestion associated with emphysema
Lymphedema in the neck (vertebra)Pulmonary inflammation & edema
Helps relieve asthma and bronchitisMany problems related to fluid retention
Breathing difficultiesBladder & kidney problems
Can improve hypertensionBack spasms & swelling of the periosteum
Breathing difficultiesBladder & kidney problems
Many problems related to fluid retention


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